Incompletion is here

Well, thanks to primarily work, things have come to basically a screeching halt here in the Last Will domain.  On the good side of things, as of mid July, the album Incompletion has finally arrived here at Last Will Studios and is officially released.  For those of you who allready have it, thank you for the support.  For those of you who wish to have a copy, contact either myself or Ryan and we will discuss getting one your way.

Ryan and I are planning to get together in a few days, which marks the first time in approximately 6 months that we have done any sort of playing together.

On a positive note, the next project has been determined.  I am starting writing of a concept album, which has yet to even be named.  At this point in Last Will existance I’ve come to the realization that we will only be a studio band, so I might as well work on a studio only project.  I’m not sure how things will really pan out, and it might take years to complete, but I hope that it will be done in the next few years.  If I didn’t have to work so much or such strange shifts then it would definitely be completed significantly sooner.  In the mean time, keep your pants on and we’ll definitely have some great material coming your way sooner or later!

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