Joe Fulton

Bass Guitar

Joe is the bassist and webmaster for the band. Joining the band  in April 2012, Joe keeps a strong lower end to the band’s sound.

Playing in heavy metal bands for years, including founder of the band KNON, and Lounge Fly. Joe’s music inspiration includes thrash metal bands (Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax) as well as Faith No More and Mr. Bungle.

Joe filled in the gap of both our last bassist, and bridging between Joe and Tom’s guitars and Jeff’s drums is no easy task. He has become one of the primary writers of the band and quickly shows his ability to fill in the pieces that are needed and provides some great musical concepts.

Joe uses the following:

  • ESP LTD B-105 5-String Bass
  • ESP Viper 4-String Bass
  • Ashdown amplification