new songs – breath of fresh air

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  This morning, I was able to get a clip recorded.  I will not do any more clips until I get my SM57 and do some more work with recording as I’m not particularly happy with the sound of the guitar as of yet.  What I recorded is the majority of the idea of the song Abyss of Insanity.  I have to work on a solo section, but that is the basic ghist of the song.  Well, don’t over stuff yourselves and have a nice holiday!
11-25-1999  12:35am

I should actually have a few misc riffs posted here by the end of tomorrow.  I borrowed a mike off of a friend to do this until Friday.  I also dug up (in my mind and on my hd) a more recent song that I was working on that I ditched because my old band disliked the one main riff.  Now that I am no longer a part of that band, I’m starting to pull out some of my stuff like this.  Anyways, this song is called Sect of the Unknown, and it will have an interesting intro along with a fast and slightly complex rythym part.  I will post this song after I get some clips that I have listed as going to be here.

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