Aug 22 2000

new bassist

Today we obtained a bass player.  We ran him through our rigerous testing program and he performed even better than we had anticipated.  He has a great attitude and is definately something that Last Will needs.  We hope to have him on the demo.  As far as the demo is concerned, we have recorded the drum and my guitar tracks for 2 songs and are preparing the last 2 songs.  Things are moving along well.  Unfortunately due to a schedule change we are forced to move the release date of the demo back till the end of September.  I hope to get it done earlier, but I do not believe that we can get it done sooner.

Jul 9 2000

VF16 here

Last night my compute decided to break down, so I spent the majority of this morning getting it running again.  Brian and I had a practice today.  I also did some minor updates to the website today.  A few days ago I obtained my Fostex VF-16 16 track hard disk recorder.  This unit will now allow us to begin some basic recordings for the demo.  Once we obtain some mikes we will start recording the tracks for the demo.

Jun 17 2000

Ryan as new drummer

The last 3 days have been quite hectic as far as Last Will goes.  On Thursday Brian and I met with Ryan, who is now our drummer.  Friday, Brian and I worked on some bass lines and got some practice in.  Today, I tried out Ryan.  He’s damn good at drums and has alot of drive and energy to add to the band.  Things are slowly, but surely coming into place.

I just recieved word that Mike has resigned from Last Will due to musical differences.  He definately will be missed by us due to his personality and musical expertice.  For now, that limits us to me and Brian.  That also means that we’re looking for a new bassist.  The page has been updated accordingly.

Last Will now officially has a bass player after another intensive night of trying out Mike.  Although the tests were rigerous, he also passed them with flying colors.  I think that after a few weeks of work he will probably be up to speed as well.  After the jam session today, we worked on the major trio for the demo and the rest of the songs were breifly touched apon.  Anyways, things seem to be falling into place.  I’ll keep you posted on more happenings.