Dec 28 1999

Frozen Life

I decided to play some bass for a change today and remembered this cool bass “solo” I wrote for a talent show I played once.  I decided that it should be included in the demo as it is easy to play, yet sounds somewhat interesting.  I should have that recorded in a few days also.  I’m still working on figuring out the mixer, as it is somewhat tricky for some mixdown things.  Other than that, not much new, mostly looking into older riffs that I had to scratch because they were not suitable for my old band.  As time progresses they will be filtering their way here as I find them.


I now have a short clip of the demo for Frozen Life.  I have over 80% of the bass solo written and just have like 2 transitions to complete.  That may perhaps be the first song to be completed for the demo.  Enjoy.

Dec 27 1999


Today was a very productive day.  I spent hours practicing and working on Cathedral.  Unfortuantely I didn’t get any good recordings due to my timing, but I did improve my sound a hair and now have the mixer downpat.  I researched drum machines today and will definately either be borrowing or buying one to do my demos.  It will make more complete demos and will also help me keep better timing.  This, of course will change when/if I get a drummer, which in this city looks impossible.

Dec 24 1999

Logo and other news

The Last Will logo is complete as of tonight.  As you noticed when you entered my page, it is also up on the page.  I have 2 versions, the metal bar version and the standard type version.  Anyways, a friend of mine and I got together to get it done.  I will be doing some recordings this week to come, so stay tuned.  Nothing else in the news as of yet.

Dec 7 1999

New songs, riffs

Today was in interesting day.  I started out working with the song Black Day and decided to learn the scale that I made it in.  I learned parts of it and in the process came up with 2 more songs.  Last Will  is just a continuation of a riff I had made before that actually was posted here.  I then added an ending part and a part in the middle that is similar in style to a piece of Call of Ktulu.  This song is an interesting piece of work and will take me some time to get it all together.  The other song Earth of Fire is similar to a type of glam metal withought being really glammy or cheezy.  I’m still working on a riff or two on that song, but I really came up with something.  Learning this new scale is opening up a new world of possibilities in both writing and playing.

Nov 28 1999

general news

Not too much goin on right now.  I spent a few hours yesterday messing around with microphone positioning and whatnots.  I did manage to obtain a better sound just by repositioning things, and the new setup is much simpler and easy to replicate.  I plan on posting some more short riffs by the end of the week.  Still no new members to the band as of yet.  I talked with the members of my old band and they seem to be very happy with their new bassist, which is good.  This way I have much more freedom to write what I wish, which is much faster and heavier than the stuff I was allowed to work with before.  I would also like to say that if anyone has any suggestions or input on anything about the band, from webpage stuff to music to recording, feel free to e-mail me or look me up on ICQ.   I’m open to suggestions.