We are working on a set list to play live next year. Along with our original tracks, we are including a few cover songs. Check out our cover of Megadeth’s “Symphony of Destruction.”

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Nov 10 2012

Recording Update

Tom Recording his guitar tracks

The CD is going well. We are continuously making progress. The latest in the list are getting Tom’s parts down for two of the songs and me getting the clean tone set up and recording the clean solo part in History. I’ve gotten some vocals done and things are really chugging along. I’d say we are about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way done right now.

Oct 25 2012

New Recording Mixer

To record the new album, we are using our new Topaz Soundtracs 32 Channel Mixer. This has helped recording the guitar and bass tracks tremendously.

Last Will Members

So although some of the new songs still needs some pieces, we feel we’re mostly ready for a show.  So if you are a band looking for someone to open for you, let us know!  We have a solid 45 min of material and can probably pop out another 10 to 15 min if need be.   We look forward to seeing everyone out there!

Jeff recording his drum tracks

Well, its been a bit since I came up with an album update, so here we are:

We now have about half of the bass done for the album.  Joe’s guitar is about 1/3 done on the one rhythm track.  Tom has yet to start officially.  Drums are still done.

Joe worked with a producer last week to clean up some lyrics and vocal stuff.  It went well but there is still alot more to do.

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