Sep 23 2012

Lifecycle recording

Recording Lifecycle

Today we’re going to try our first attempt at recording the epic bohemith song, Lifecycle.  This will be the drum tracks, which are obviously critical.  We’re pretty pumped up about how this process has been going in general.

Additionally, to add to the excitement, I just picked up a new mixer – a Soundtracs Topaz.  So all the other instruments and mixing will be done on that going forward.  So there’s some pretty exciting things going on around here!

We have filled our vacant second guitarist position. Welcome Tom Velto to the band. Tom joins us as we are about to start recording our new EP. Even though his name doesn’t begin with the letter “J” as all the other band members names do, his guitar playing is excellent.

Joe Fulton, Bass Guitar

Say hello to Joe Fulton, our new Bass Player! After looking for the past few months, Joe tried out for the position, and was the right fit. We look forward to hear what he can bring to the band. We would also like to point out that we have another “Joes'” in the band, of a long line of “Joes’.”

Aug 1 2011

3 year hole here…

So there is a 3 year hole in updates.  There are many reasons for that.  First off, things have basically been slow.  After our show at Casa ‘d Ice on Aug 1st, 2008, things took a turn for the worst.  We fired our guitarist and bassist.  Don and I worked together for a few months on a cover cd, but that ended up falling apart as well.  This ended up with Don not playing drums for many years.  I had just had a son in August 2008, so it made things difficult for some time.  With that being said, there was some time of barely keeping a pulse.  Move forward a few years and we picked up Jon as a bassist and began work on Lifecycle.  Enter Jeff and we had the core of a band again.  Right now we are preparing to play some shows and get started on our next CD.

May 8 2008

Lineup Changes

Well, its been one hell of a year!  We played some shows and some of you may have seen us out there!  I greatly appreciate the support that you’ve given us and its been great!  There have been some changes in the Last Will camp which have prompted me to finally update this page.  Our guitar player, Joe Morgan, quit after our April 10th show at Roy’s by the Tracks.  It was something we had known was coming and we parted on good terms.  We all wish him the best of luck in whatever he does.  We do have someone to fill his place starting early in May, Jay Brown.  Right now he’s in the “how to be a Last Will guitar God 101” class, but once he’s ready I promise you that we’ll be playing shows and getting out there again.