Album Update – October 15th

Jeff recording his drum tracks

Well, its been a bit since I came up with an album update, so here we are:

We now have about half of the bass done for the album.  Joe’s guitar is about 1/3 done on the one rhythm track.  Tom has yet to start officially.  Drums are still done.

Joe worked with a producer last week to clean up some lyrics and vocal stuff.  It went well but there is still alot more to do.

The new mixer has worked its way into the recording set up as well as it can.  The plan is to build a new mixing desk the months of November and December.  Once that’s in, mixing and recording will be much smoother and more seamless plus we’ll gain some space back in the room.

Some ideas are being thrown around for art work and the web site is making more progress.

So there you have it.  Alot of practicing and alot going on towards the album.


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