recording update

There have been a few things going on lately.  I obtained a sonic maximizer.  Secondly, we had a picture session last week.  Hopefully some new pictures of us will be coming to the website.  Also, I have been looking for a new webhost since we will not be allowed to sell our demos via website through geocities.  I have been getting better with bronchitus.  I should be able to put down vocal tracks in a few days with my current rate.  Brian, unfortunately is just getting some sort of illness.  Hopefully he’ll get well soon.  Tonight Brian, Jeff, and I got together and did a few things.  First we got Jeff’s parts recorded for Cool and Layaway.  I then recorded my lead for Cool.  Then we worked with Jeff and got him somewhat caught up on Earth of Fire and introduced him to Defiler and Brian’s “new song”.  Over the course of the week Brian and I also wrote some lyrics to Earth of Fire, Plague, Layaway (soon to be called something different), and Brian’s “new song”.  Things are most definately coming together.  The demo still needs my vocals on Cool, my lead on Layaway, and my lead on Outro and its done as far as recording goes.  I’ll keep you all posted.  Happy thrashing!

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