Update and Amsterdam radio show

Well, things have been quite slow around here as far as the band is concerned.  Morale was kind of low with the loss of our bassist and drummer, but today Brian and I finally got together to revitalize the band.  I did some playing on bass and got some ideas down and Brian and I recorded a few bits of some Iced Earth songs with me on vocals.  We also did some poor recordings of Earth of Fire and a really bad attempt at Plague.  On other parts of the news, Brian obtained a Shure SM57 mike and a cable to go with it.  I got a new pickup for the Ibanez and rewired it for stereo operation for some interesting lead tones.  Another great piece of news is that on 12-13-2000 our song, Cool, was played on a large radio station in Amsterdam, Holland.  I don’t currently know the callsign but I will try to fiind out.  Well, I must go practice!  Take it easy and I wish you all a happy New Years!  Don’t get too plastered, and keep it safe!

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